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Monday, June 29, 2009

Winds added some speed to Bird trip

You might have fried an egg on the sidewalk in Austin, but the winds were blowing at Bird Island, June 28-29.

We busted out the GPS on Saturday and clocked some great speeds. I was proud of my 17mph. But of course, Andre hit 25-something, and Nguyen hit 27.7mph. We might have to make that a regular thing on the trips.

The club trip saw some newer faces on the water, as well as some more familiar ones. Among the folks I saw (sorry if I miss someone): Chris D, Andre A, Nguyen N, Steve H, Jayne W, Cassie B, Celia, Steve, Brian M, and a few other Austin folks. Not to mention Mike, Milo, Shawn, and Jay P also took to the waters. The new folks took advantage of the great lessons at Worldwinds. The rest of us enjoyed the flat water and the 15-25mph winds.

Big thanks to Andre for building a big patch of shade--one massive tarp, some poles, and guy wires stood up to the winds and made down time actually cool and comfortable.

Chris and I bought a Futura 155, so we hope to head back to Corpus before the wind completely dies for the summer. See you next time, and happy sailing!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

2009 SUP or Sail Thursdays

Starting this week, I'd like to invite folks out on Thursday nights after work to participate in either some Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) or Sailing.

From left to right, Michael Tita, Chris Davis (current AWC President) and Kimo SUPing it around the buoys in light wind (actually zero wind) at the Lake Travis Invitational:

With the lake low, the sandy peninsula at Windy Point has become a popular destination. The lake now seems to be attracting kiters, windsurfers, board boats, SUPr's and beach goers of all shapes and sizes.

For the past 10 years, on Thursday nights, one of our clubs most generous benefactors has brought his own personal gear out and allowed people to sail it for free. That individual, Mike Schultz has spent countless hours and thousands of dollars to promote windsurfing in Austin. Now, with the availability of good hybrid vehicles, the state of our environment and the fact that windsurfing is now back and back with a vengeance (here in Austin), Mike will no longer be towing his trailer out to the point (his new hybrid is not capable of towing a trailer). In keeping with his style, Mike has offered to donate his trailer to the club. Mike, on behalf of the club, thank you for your generous donation and tireless efforts to promote windsurfing here in Austin!

I propose, for the new Thursday night program that we come out and either sail or Stand Up Paddle on our own gear. People will see us, they will ask questions and we can answer those questions. Many of the questions will be answered with, "Yes, we have some of the best conditions in the world here in Texas! Learning to windsurf has never been as easy as it is today. Our next Learn to Windsurf clinic is ...... Additionally, you could drive down to Corpus and visit which will set you on a path you will never forget."

In some cases, the conditions might be appropriate for giving a lesson. In those cases, if you're out riding one of your durable and floaty boards with a smaller sail, it might make sense to provide a lesson. If former clinic participants turn up, it might be nice to let them take a turn on the gear you have on hand (if its appropriate for such use). Finally, as good deals become available on or when people donate gear to the club, we might try to refurbish it, create a complete set and give it away to interested sailors on Thursday nights. We might even have a timed race around the buoys on the gear we've refurbished to determine who gets to take the gear home.

First 2009 Learn to Windsurf Clinic

The first 2009 Learn to Windsurf Clinic went off with a bang (literally) as inclement weather caused us to postpone our planned Saturday, May 16, 2009 date in favor of Sunday, May 17, 2009. Despite the change in date, everyone I spoke with had a positive experience and we introduced more than 10 new windsurfers to the Austin windsurfing scene.

Former AWC President Ron Hensley demonstrates how to turn downwind on the land simulator on Sunday, May 17, 2009.

Below, Marlene greets new students with a smile and displays more information about our Charity (the Spastic Paraplegia Foundation).

The next Learn to Windsurf Clinic is planned for Saturday, June 20, 2009.
As of today, all slots have filled and it looks like we are headed for another great clinic!

Thanks to all who helped out with the last event!