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Monday, September 29, 2008

Letter from SPF

August 22, 2008
From: Spastic Paraplegia Foundation, Inc.
To: Austin Windsurf Club

Dear Friends of SPF,
Thank you for your thoughtful donation of $1,450. The Spastic Paraplegia Foundation greatly appreciates your support.

The mission of the SP Foundation is to discover the cures for Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia and Primary Lateral Sclerosis by funding research, providing information about these disorders and creating opportunities for mutual support and sharing.

With your support we hope to find a cure for HSP & PLS. This year the SPF will award $400,000 to researchers in an effort to do so. Since its inception in 2002, the SPF has awarded almost two million dollars to help find a cure.

Please remember that your gift is very much appreciated. Research can't go forward without thoughtful donations like yours.

Jim Sheorn
Spastic Paraplegia Foundation

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fastest Way to Corpus Christi

The good folks on the chat list shared their thoughts on what's the fastest way to Corpus Christi:

Karl's preferred route: I-35 south to Hwy 123 in San Marcos. Hwy 123 south to 181. 181 south to 77. 77 south to I-37. I-37 to 358. 358 straight out to the island, national seashore and Bird Island Basin (that's if you're heading to Bird, which you should be).

It's a nice drive, and you miss the San Antonio traffic. It is two-lane, however, but I've rarely got hung up behind slow traffic -- there are wide shoulders, and most folks will pull over so you can pass.

Tony says: I used a GPS and it took me to 183 south, 80 south, 181 south, 77, 358. I stopped in Flour Bluff and the total time was about 3 hours 15 minutes.

From Ron: If heavy traffic and leaving from just north of downtown, sometimes we take 183 to Luling and down 80. If leaving at peak traffic time, we often take 281 to San Antonio with hopes things will be settled down by the time we get to SA. Sometimes we take 37 to SA, then 35 to Austin if we are pulling a trailer or expecting heavy rain. Some of the smaller road routes are a little subject to flooding.

I went on to AAA website and used their route plotting s/w to compare distances. Our starting point is typically Lakeway (west of Austin) and ending point is on the island. Longest path from Lakeway was thru SA via hwy281 = 252 miles, via 35 = 248. Shortest route was via 123 thru Seguin @ 230 miles. Via 80 was 234 miles. Via 183 to Refugio was 236 miles. Tight grouping for that many alternate routes...

Vanessa's take: Perhaps the most reliably traffic-free route is this, albeit not
always the fastest:

South on Hwy 183 all the way down to 77 (Refugio).
Right on 77.
In Refugio, left on 774 south to 2678 (becomes Hwy 136).

Right on Hwy 35, which merges with 181.
Follow the signs to Corpus.
Take the 286 (Cross Town Expressway) to 386 (SPID).

As an aside, I like Rosie's Tex-Mex in downtown Cuero on 183. Cheap dinner specials for the after-work drive to Corpus. Closes at 9:00.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ike brings the wind in typically calm September

With the influx of wind and coastal friends, Ike gave no rain, but great winds.

On Saturday the 13th, the serious windsurfers were out at Windy Point on Lake Travis. Due to the North-ish winds, most were launching from the point and heading across the channel.

I saw a range of gear -- formula boards, big sails, sails as small as 4.2 square meters, low volume boards, and even dacron sails. I also saw some familiar faces like our pres, Erica, Darran, Laura, and many others. Brian was trying out a vulcan right next to the shore, so you could see his technique in action.

Wanna see if you can do that move yourself? Check out these links:
The Vulcan and The Spock.

The awesome thing about these big winds is you get to see people's chops too. Darran caught some great video footage that day. Check it out here: