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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer's Last Fling: Learn 2 Windsurf

A forecast for rain did not stop the last Learn to Windsurf clinic for the year. Cooler temperatures, but low wind, found our students sailing placidly.

One student, Jon, said, "I'm ready for my lesson in humility." But on such an easy-going day, all our students really excelled at the basics.

With twelve registered students, Mike S kept the on-land instruction running from 10-2. Our water coaches, Brian S, Tim M, and Chris D provided one-on-one help to the students. Without Erica S on registration and set-up help from Brian N and Alex, the event would not have gone so smoothly.

This August, the cove is smaller due to the low water levels. With yet another coaching twist, our water coaches easily were able to keep up with their students. Ditching the sail, they sat on the old-school boards and paddled with the centerboard!

As always, a big thanks to everyone who lent a hand (sorry to those I missed). And even bigger kudos to our president Brian S for driving all five clinics throughout the summer. The club trained approximately 107 students throughout the season.

In September, learn-2-windsurfers and more advanced sailors are invited to join the club in Corpus Christi at Bird Island Basin. Watch the email list for more details.


Blogger Brian Shepherd said...

BTW: we had a new face who was extremely helpful and I wanted to make sure you heard the story. Our newest volunteer is Chris Martin. He just moved down from Waco and has been sailing a little less than a year but already ripping
with an 11.5 on a longboard (and sounds like he is looking for a Formula board). At any rate, he stayed all day, helped us rig in the morning, served as an on the water coach for every session and helped us de-rig in the afternoon.

Chris as well as our last class of students also stuck around for trailer loading and chorizos.

Thanks to all for helping!
The session went very smoothly.

1:12 AM


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