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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Windsurfing on the BIG Screen

Last night, club members gathered at the IMAX theater to check out Extreme. Brian, our president, held a short meeting afterwards at Scholtz Garten.

The movie idea was actually not my own. A few years ago, the club tried to see this IMAX movie, but was turned away at the door because some software company had rented out the whole theater. Bah dot.boom.bust.

When I saw it was playing again at the Bob Bullock IMAX Theater, I jumped at the chance to see 30-foot windsurfers. In addition to some great footage of Robby Naish, Josh Stone, and Bjorn Dunkerbeck, the movie featured other extreme sports like snowboarding and skiing at the top of Juneau, Alaska. It was interesting to see tow-in big wave surfing back in 1998. Then, 30 to 40 foot waves were huge. Obviously, we're seeing even bigger wave surfing now.

After the movie, the group grabbed some beers and food at Scholtz Garten. Brian lead some discussion about the next Learn 2 Windsurf, Lake Travis Invitational, and the possibility of storage at the point. Among the club members in attendance were Andre and his boys, Mike S, Brian and Erica, Chris D, Jay P, Jon and Shelly P.